viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2007

Welcome Sergei

Today I welcome you, Sergei, for I have received news of your arrival to our time. I know you'll be checking this web page, and I assume you'll be doing it rather sooner than later. Andrew is now 48 years old and I have lost contact with him, you probably knew that before coming. I've felt quite powerless about Andrew, he played his cards in a stupid way, he should have never drawn so much attention to himself.
Everyone in our circles is saying how he got caught by the FBI and all sorts of conspiracy theories. I honestly don't know, but I do know he had been in Arizona up to Autumn 2005. That's the last time I saw him; for some reason he insisted in investing his money on "high-risk" trades, he knows they'll profit every time, but that's terribly dangerous to us: for it brings too much attention to our dealings. Thankfully he was able to clean the internet from all news pointing to him and as of this writing (Nov 2007) there's close to no trace of "Andrew Carlssin" in the net, he even made it all look like a hoax.
I feel greatly encouraged to hear from you, finally here in 2007. There are lots of tasks waiting for your aid, we greatly need you. People need to know, they need to be prepared for what's coming: all the good, the bad and the evil. The more I try to create a conscience, the crazier people think I am. No one cares about moving out of Europe before 2015, that seems a tad too distant and implausible by all means to believe that a gigantic rock will hit right there.
No one really gives a damn about vegetarianism. Of course there's a considerable population with "vegetarian habits", but nothing great enough to really mitigate the pandemic and subsequent catastrophes. And I warn you not to make very high investments in that particular company that'll bring the AIDS cure in 2009, there are lots of dark interests and money movements from people in our circles around that pharmaceutical... they are growing into a mafia.
It's impressive how technology is coming to humanity way before intelligence. Over 6 billion people are being run by a very small group of incredibly smart fellows, and time has proven how dangerous technology can be in the hands of these primitives. Isaac Asimov was quite right in that short story where he announced an extraterrestrial species who was maintaining a list of all civilizations in the universe with possible capability of space traveling. They were happy to finally add humans to this list when they heard we were now capable of nuclear technology, but were quick to erase us from the list when they learned we were doing the nuclear tests in our own home planet.
Anyway, I know you possess all the weapons in your mind to help us bring humanity to a higher level, and that's terribly relieving. I can show you the Costa Rica of our time, it must be quite different from the one you've seen in your time. I bet it feels weird to see the southern cone of the Americas not being part of the US just yet, but you'll like it still. I am eager to receive you here and hear your wisdom, be welcome Sergei for you are as close to a savior as it gets nowadays.


4 comentarios:

Terox dijo...

Me gustó mucho. Me pregunto por qué lo escribiste en inglés?. Recuerdo ese cuento de Asimov, es supercorto y bastante viejo (creo que de los 50's)...

Dave dijo...

Lo escribí en inglés porque Sergei no habla español. Es una cuestión de protocolo.

Terox dijo...

All right? Y el mae ya le respondió?

El Chata dijo...

Está muy bueno, loco... pero no se que tiene que ver el VASIMR en esto!